You are invited to the Burgi Asparagus and Gourmet Market 2023 in Brüggen!

You are invited to the Burgi Asparagus and Gourmet Market 2023 in Brüggen!

*Asparagus and pleasure market in the castle municipality of Brüggen 2023 – the start of the long-awaited event season: On the 1st May 2023, the time has come!

With the asparagus season, spring presents the most beautiful time of the year. Mother Nature again offers the best of gourmet vegetables: the first raw, sliced asparagus from the Lower Rhine. BURGI asparagus is the undisputed favorite among connoisseurs. BURGI – Asparagus is soft and really aromatic, because in Brüggen – Bracht it is stung every day before sunrise. Asparagus time is also asparagus festival time.

At this year’s asparagus and pleasure market in the old town of Brüggen, Burgi asparagus, freshly picked strawberries, delicious culinary delights, asparagus peeling competition and many other events are waiting for its visitors with excitement. So be sure to stop by and enjoy the feeling of freshness and tranquility in this beautiful weather.

So be sure to stop by and enjoy the feeling of freshness and peace in good weather.

Asparagus and pleasure market with music program, open shops, market stalls and culinary delights in the historic city center of Brüggen

Shortly before the start of the asparagus season, 2023 will take place on the 25th. The “Burgi Asparagus & Genussmarkt” takes place in the castle community of Brüggen. Of course, the focus is on the noble vegetables. Burgi Sparge farmers sell freshly engraved asparagus. Asparagus soup, which comes from the field kitchen, is very popular in the market. Of course, asparagus dishes are also on the menu in the restaurants in the old town. Noble wines as well as other local delicacies and extravagant dishes round off the Burgi asparagus & Genussmarkt. The program, which includes a music program and an asparagus peeling competition, often includes an open Sunday.

Asparagus pleasure tour around Brüggen

Visit the castle community of Brüggen during the asparagus season and enjoy the asparagus region Burgi on the Lower Rhine.

Get to know the old town and its history on a city tour. You can encounter a special culinary delight while eating asparagus in the restaurant. Enjoy the white gold of the Lower Rhine in its purest form, fresh from the field, prepared in the region.

A fun covered wagon ride through the wide nature, visit to an asparagus farm, past asparagus fields, leads you to one of the asparagus farmers Burgi in the asparagus street NRW and offers interesting information as well as the opportunity to shop directly from the producer.

Events in Brüggen

Brüggen is a multifaceted city and many events take place here throughout the year. Brüggen stands for history, service industry, shopping city, nature park and sustainable living in a convenient location. The number of tourists and visitors reaches peaks throughout the year.

In addition to the beautiful old town, which can be visited, many events are organized every year. Concerts, processions, celebrations, entertainment… It never gets boring in Brüggen.

Experience Bruges shows and events such as city festival, funfair, flea market, craftsman market, street festival, music event, book market, events on special occasions and more and spend your most beautiful moments to the fullest.

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