SUMMER Open AIR Concert 2023

Experience Sarah Connor live in Mönchengladbach

With her highly anticipated open-air concert on 08. June 2023 in the Mönchengladbach-Sparkassenpark Schlager star Sarah Connor finally meets her fans! Get ready for a fantastic show!

Would you like to experience Sarah Connor, who enchants her fans with her incredibly sweet intimacy and intelligence, live with her flawless voice and incredible show? So make your plans now!

Everyone should experience Sarah Connor live. With his unique soul voice, lyrics and melodies, he touches his listeners again and again. The relationship between Sarah Connor and her fans is something very special – and a rare long-term romance between a favorite star and a fan (mutual!) …

For a moment, forget the worries, dance, celebrate, laugh, be free. The extraordinarily impressive concert of Sarah Connor, Queen of Pop, with her wonderful band behind her will be an emotional and musical spectacle. Of course, you need a pleasant rest after this excellent concert. Don’t miss this great show and the opportunity to stay at The Bridgge Grand Boutique Hotel.

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