Days off on May 1, 2023: short vacation

Days off on May 1, 2023: short vacation

Labor Day is approaching!… The workday provides the perfect opportunity for a relaxing break, making it the perfect start to the joyous month of May. In this getaway, like in a dream, you will find everything you need to get away from it all for three nights with your partner or family.

What reasons are there to use May 1st to get away from it all for a few days? Our hotel offers numerous options for a holiday on May 1st in Brüggen , one of the most beautiful regions in Germany.

Enjoy the holidays while you’re at work

Many employees don’t have to work on May Day and may long for a day off. The night of May Day is often celebrated and danced until May. Many places also host May Bonfires. Do you want to dance until May?

On May 1st , “ Labor Day ”, we plan numerous activities, including going to parties, sleeping in or going on a long weekend away. In Germany and many other countries around the world, May 1st is celebrated as a labor holiday.

You can extend your holiday by using bridging days.

The days before or after May 1st are often referred to as bridging days. Labor Day is a good time to spend a long weekend. A short break in Germany is popular. used for a long weekend, a short trip or a stay in the wellness.

Bridge days allow up to four days off on public holidays, making it an attractive vacation option. It is worth taking a short trip to relax and unwind…

May 1st , Labor Day, is recognized by all of us as a public holiday. It’s time for a well-deserved May holiday again in 2023 after two years fell on a weekend. If you only take four days of vacation, you have nine days of free time. Spring trips to cities are ideal in May.

The bridging days are from May 2nd to 5th, 2023.

April 29 to May 07, 2023 are days off.

It is postponed to Monday 1st May 2023 . It is therefore guaranteed that you will spend a long weekend here. If the boss gives your approval for a three-day vacation, there is the option of planning a bridging day and thus taking a longer vacation.

Celebrations are celebrated on May 1st.

In addition to their contemporary political significance, the May Day Holidays are still celebrated throughout Germany today, as May Day has been considered a celebration of the arrival of summer for many years. There are regular protests in the streets and squares. Numerous street festivals are also planned for this year.

Today the dance, which is based on Walpurgis Night, continues until May. On the evening before May Day, people celebrate and welcome summer. This tradition has also integrated into today’s nightlife.

On the evening before May 1st , people in many places in North Rhine-Westphalia , such as Wegberg and Niederkrüchten , gather in a convivial atmosphere on the streets for larger events or smaller celebrations. It often involves setting up a pole and making music. The celebrations are accompanied by a village or town festival with traditional music, beer and extensive food.

The things you will do during your vacation:

  • Celebrations in Niederkrüchten
  • Spring Festivals and Street Festivals
  • Festival for children and families.
  • Live music
  • partner
  • flea markets
  • Short trips
  • nature walks

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A holiday like May Day is also a great opportunity to celebrate with your friends or family. By participating in activities near our hotel, you can spend quality and fun times with your loved ones and leave the best memories here. This short vacation relieves you of the stresses of everyday life. By resetting, you start your day full of energy.

Enjoy the refreshing and refreshing tranquility in our hotel, which is an extraordinary place and sense of taste. The Bridgge Hotel still impresses its guests with its authentic charm and is remembered. Book now and become our regular guest!