The Bridgge Grand Boutique Hotel

This is where the big city meets nature

It was the concern of the city of Brüggen and Mr. Triet as an investor and owner to find an internationally experienced hotel tenant who would develop this hotel project into an individual hallmark of the city of Brüggen.

Accordingly, a large number of national and international

Hotel companies advertised.

With our vision of a hotel in which individualisation and technisation are combined with a feel-good factor, we respond to the current zeitgeist and demand in an unconventional way.

My many years of expertise in the greater Düsseldorf area on both the customer and employee side convinced the investor Mr. Auguste Triet.

According to the current planning status, the 3+/4* hotel will be opened no later than 05/01/2021.

The rent per room amounts to 390 EUR/month net, including all furniture and technical equipment in the rooms as well as in the public areas including the kitchen.

A comparable new construction project would cost about 750 – 800 EUR / room and month’s rent in Mönchengladbach.

Here is one of the main points for future economic efficiency.

The very favourable lease for this hotel category gives us great price flexibility and thus a great competitive advantage in the market.

1) Room categories (100 rooms)

  • 89 single and double rooms (20 square metres)
  • 10 premium rooms (26 square metres)
  • 1 suite (42 sqm)

2) 4 conference rooms (a total of 94 conference places)

  • Room 1: 50 conference seats
  • Room 2: 20 conference seats
  • Room 3: 12 conference seats
  • Room 4: 12 conference places

3) Fireplace room / library: 20 people up to 24 people

4) Restaurant: 76 people up to 100 people

5) Terrace: 46 people up to 200 people

6) Bar: 20 people



Brüggen stands for history, service industry, shopping city, nature reserve and sustainable living in a convenient location.

Located between Mönchengladbach, Roermond and Viersen, it meets the highest life requirements with optimal connections to the long-distance transport network.

The distance from Düsseldorf is 48 km and 38 km of it is motorway.

(Approx. 40 min. Travel time by car to the Düsseldorf exhibition centre).

For trade fair visitors, a possible place to stay not only at high-priced trade fairs.

Compared to travel times from Düsseldorf’s Südstadt, it also takes about 40 minutes.

The tourist visitor numbers in Brüggen reach maximum values on weekends, especially due to year-round, open Sundays.

In particular, Dutch guests use the visit of the city of Brüggen in addition to the nearby Designer Outlet Roermond.

Located in the district of Viersen, the city of Brüggen has a catchment area of 300,000 inhabitants. If you add in the radius of 20 km of Mönchengladbach, Roermond and Venlo, there are an additional 420,000 inhabitants.

Compared to the strong hotel offer growth in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Krefeld, Essen and Dortmund, where there is currently no offer compensation, there is potential for development on the hotel offer page in the district of Viersen and nearby Holland.

Concept “The Bridgge Hotel”

The basic orientation of The Bridgge Hotel corresponds to the current zeitgeist and the demand for unconventional, non-branded hotels.

Individualisation and the latest mechanisation are combined with a feel-good character.

The unique selling points in location and design, digitisation and special gastronomy are different from competitors in the district of Viersen, Mönchengladbach, Roermond and Venlo.

Transparent and stable pricing, even during high-priced trade fairs in Düsseldorf, leads in addition to transparency for the guest to a low, internal effort (personnel costs).

The project plot on Westring 15 in Brüggen opposite the town hall, the town hall and the town centre is very suitable as a hotel location and without direct residents.

The design and capacity in the gastronomy and conference area is above average and appropriate for quality standards in the direction of the 4-star hotel industry.

In addition to 55 own pitches, there are another 75 pitches from the city directly on the hotel property (all free and monitored).

Hotel market

The hotel market in the district of Viersen has developed positively in recent years, especially the nearby Mönchengladbach, Roermond and Venlo.

At the micro location Brüggen, there is so far no offer in the 3-4 star hotel segment. The city of Brüggen is unusually strongly characterised by the private hotel industry in the lower and middle segment.

In contrast to the high demand side in recent years, no innovative and modern hotel concepts have been added to the offer side in Brüggen and the surrounding area.

In Mönchengladbach, on the other hand, you can find almost 70% of the brand hotel industry in the middle standard area with partly decades old objects (Dorint Hotel).

Only the H4 Hotel meets newer standards. However, due to the location and the concept as a “football hotel”, it is to be regarded as a special hotel and therefore does not present itself as a relevant competitor.

One of our main target groups, the conference area, is the core business in Mönchengladbach.

We are characterised by unique selling points in the form of room equipment, state-of-the-art technology, high service culture and an extraordinary gastronomy.

In this way, we create differentiation features that clearly set us apart from our competitors.

The same applies to the target group business individual. Here we are particularly characterised by the quality of the room equipment, based on design and materials (design classics from USM Haller, bathroom tiles from Bisazza and Megaceram, lighting concept from Panzeri).

In the Leisure Individual area, the hotel markets in Roermond and Venlo are particularly noteworthy. Above all, we can assert ourselves against their extraordinary hotel concepts with an attractive price-performance concept.

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